Just for me texturizer reviews

I use my natural hair for 2 years. Honestly, my hair is not that bad… It is just a headache. His curly or tangled, and may be difficult to manage. I can ‘t wash & go my hair but the shrinkage is crazy, and we almost everywhere. So… I chose to use a texture artist after much and back from my friends.

Cons –

1. I can not say that my hair is natural. (if that is important to you. Do not use this product).

2. I really need to be diligent about moisturizer because my hair is color treated (he could start to break off…But have some conditioners deep big and I am not afraid to use them).

Pros –

1. My hair looks exactly the same, as is natural, but now I can comb is easier.

2. The shrinkage is not so bad… Although there are still some.

So here ‘s what I did differently than the instructions:

1. I only used about 2 / 3 of the activator.

2. The total processing time, including the application was 6 minutes, beginning to end.

I am extremely pleased with the results, my hair ‘s great. I will post an update on rupture (as I said before, my hair is treated with a gilded bronze beautiful n the dark color of the hair… That is the light of color). It should be noted that he had not coloring my hair in 6 months or more at the time of the application to take about 4 – 5 inches of root Black / grey (I am only 43, but about 15% ash).

* * a week update * *

left in my original analysis, something that was important, so I am adding it here. In addition to the two things I mentioned that I did differently than the instructions, I did something else.

# 3. Instead of using the deep conditioner provided, I used the treatment of rapid recovery of Miss Jessie for 45 minutes.

And now, to upgrade a week since I did my texture artist. Any break until now. My hair is curly hair and bright, but there is no shrinkage more than a week. I conditioning twice during the week with Miss Jessie curly conditioner cream leave in. I also added some organic coconut oil and Shea humidity curl smoothie highlighting the style. I slept with him wrapped in a silk handkerchief, every night. I love!

Notes: I will make future retouching in about 6 months, I could use the activator more than I did. But I ‘m not… Instead, it will increase the processing time for 7 minutes to see if it helps with the shrinkage.

I recommend this product!

* * two week update * *

I recolorido my hair today. I had about 4 inches of black gum root. Now it ‘s all of gilded bronze. After two weeks with the texture artist, my hair is still impressive. Its soft, bouncy and shiny. Then I recolorido roots treated with my whole head with treatment of rapid recovery of Miss Priscilla again for 45 minutes.

After I had washed, applied organic coconut oil pressed (other), Shea humidity curl enhancing smoothie and Shea humidity Hibiscus curl & Style coconut milk. I involve you in a tissue, so it can dry. When I remove the scarf, I fluff and crush it. Sounds great! !!

* * update * month 2

Its about 2 months since the first applied the texture artist. Any break and my hair is really looking for the best you already have. I deep condition once a week and wash it 3 times per week. Sometimes I take 3 days my curls, but for the most part wash it and wrap her during the night and generally use these snails for 2 days before I have to wet it again. Will definitely use this again to work.

Retouching update * * *

Okay, so on the mark of 5 months I retouched. As I said before, my hair is color treated, which is precisely why I had to touch up now (I am a conference and I didn ‘t want 4 inch black gum root). Here is how I did it, and kept my wave. I color my hair immediately after the first application, so the whole black gum root was virgin hair. I applied the texture artist to the virgin hair only (with overlapping clumsy) with the same recipe I used above (2 / 3 of the activator). I would start or back (where you want your hair is thicker) and work my way to the front because its more difficult with a small application not to straighten my hair. I left for about 6 minutes total again. My hair grew 4 – 5 inches during that time and I really can ‘t tell until after the texture artist reduced shrinkage. Hair is divine. I will say a few things.

~ my hair doesn ‘t seem natural (in my opinion). As an African American woman to have her hair even its atypical as someone who is, say, biracial. However, that is what my hair looks like. If this is your cup of tea… You will like this product. He works for me because I want my hair grow, and without the texture artist my natural hair like knot up, and then he breaks when I try to comb them out.

~ I will only touch two times per year. I could have waited more than a month easily but I wanted to recolorir before a conference.

The hair is healthy and growing ~ time color – treated. No rupture. I would say that you can use this product with hair color – treated with the precautions right (I use a deep conditioner to replace protein conditioner provided, 4 nights a week and always to air dry (no heat) use a leave in conditioner in my hair, I do not use regular shampoo (im using the as I am. Coco co wash and Joico K Pak protein treatment once per week).

I hope this will help you decide!

One year update * * *

my hair was very long. I am finally able to grow while curly because I don ‘t have to worry about these small branches. I noticed that I can no longer use regular shampoo. I can only use dry shampoo washes because co regulate my hair too much and it is uncontrollable. In addition, I have combed it every time the condition or my hair, or he begins to fear. Typical things for curly hair. It is the color treated and it looks amazing. I use this product indefinitely.