Best relaxer for damaged or color treated hair

This deep conditioner is amazing! He totally exceeded my expectations, and I dare say that it is the status of the Holy Grail? I used this hair conditioner in extremely dry and tangled really give this conditioner a fighting chance. I have thick hair, coily, kinky literally drink deep conditioner. When trying a new deep conditioner, I ‘m looking for something thick, creamy and packaged for oils to give my threads that extra pick me up for moisture. This deep conditioner is thick, silky and great for my hair. Not to mention that you can brush it! My roots are the most difficult part of my hair to comb because they are so dense, but I put this conditioner in a let rest for 5 minutes and I was able to drive all my fingers through. Like butter? Okay maybe not butter which is kind of disgusting, but you know what I mean.

This conditioner is business, and they do not save in the product, too. Because I have thick hair, often worry about running out of a conditioner after I finished to apply half of my mind when I received this product, I was completely and rapidly to see that it was filled to the brim. It ‘s silly and a bit trivial, but the fact that it was full to the brim scored big points. I definitely feel that you are getting the value of your money.

What I like about this conditioner is the perfume. My nose is a bit too flower for me. Definitely beats me more I applied it to my hair. For the results that I get out, I ‘IL handle it. Throw a hat deep conditioner in my head and let this miracle, do the thing.

Definitely I would recommend to a friend.