Best Hair Relaxer For Men

We all hate curly hair. There are many people who are looking for a way to get rid of this roughening or straighten their hair. We know that there are relaxing hair for women that can help get rid of roughening or straighten hair, but the real question is or is not that men should also be using relaxing of women. There is a relaxing hair specific to men? The answer is that there are some products of straighteners hair out for men, but it is also well if men can use soothing hair female, as long as they choose the right product for use.

Before you decide to use a soothing hair for men, I should warn you that you should consult a professional designer, before making any decision. I am not a professional, and I am writing strictly from my past experiences with relaxing. In addition, the majority of relaxing is made of harmful chemicals and can be dangerous if not applied properly.

Before you buy any products.

After consulting with a professional and decided to use a relaxing of hair for men, there are several steps that should be taken:

1. Before you start to take decisions, you should find out the exact hair type and texture. I recommend that you ask your hairstylist to help you with that.

2. You must make sure that a hair relaxer is the best option for you. (you already tried other products or already tried to straighten your hair, if you have long hair?)

For some people, the smoothing japonÊs is the best option. (the majority of Caucasian males are a perfect combination for this)

For black men, soda cÁustica or no option of soda cÁustica will be good.

3. Finally, after completing the steps 1 and 2, you must choose the correct force relaxer hair for men with your type of hair.

– usually the force of a hair relaxer it is based on the level of pH value. The higher the level of pH, the more rapid the smoothing, but also can cause more damage to your hair and scalp. To reduce the level of pH, the slower the smoothing, but the least dangerous relaxer

Make sure you read the instructions of their relaxing relaxing require some shampoos neutralizer and other pre – and post application products.

There are three ways of relaxing the hair that I want to talk about it. I want to start by talking about the safest ways and weaker and proceed to the stronger forms.

# 1 texturizer

If you have never used texture artist before, I recommend that you take a shot before moving to caustic soda and non lye relaxers. A texture artist is basically a moderate form of a relaxing. Many men prefer texture Artist as a form of straighteners hair for men, since it is easier to implement. I highly recommend texture artist to men who are looking to get rid of a small roughening or who has long hair and straight hair will look a little different, long straight hair female. When considering a texture artist, keep in mind that the most professional and I would recommend that you go with texture artist or a product of style before you move on to using caustic soda and non lye relaxers.

Here is my favorite hair texture artist to men.

Wave Builder Natural Texture Tamer Kit
Wave Builder Natural Texture Tamer Kit

If you are looking for a texture artist soft hair done specifically for men, experiment wave builder kit tamer natural. As I said before, this product is a soft texture artist. It is also a texture artist that is made specifically for men, which may be difficult to find. It ‘s perfect for anyone looking to maintain the natural appearance of your hair, makes the hair easier to comb and manage. Manufacturer of wave has a loyal fan base outside decent size and most fans are regulars. If you are someone with short hair or hair extremely kinky or curly, I would recommend that you buy this product, because it can be a little too gentle to the hair. On the contrary, if you have long hair or medium, or if you have a slightly wavy or curly hair, try wave builder natrual tamer kit, you probably will be pleased with the results.

Some of these texturizers are for women and even the children, but they can do the job. Careful though, texturizers can come in different intensities.

# 2 not lye relaxer

Unlike relaxing of caustic soda, relaxing non lye use calcium hydroxide instead of sodium hydroxide as a relaxing of caustic soda. This tends to make no lye relax a little softer than relaxing of caustic soda and in turn, the better for the scalp sensitive. In addition, the calcium no lye relaxer can cause your hair is a little bit more dry.

Here is my favorite non lye relaxer

Mizani Butter Blend Sensitive Scalp Rhelaxer
Mizani Butter Blend Sensitive Scalp Rhelaxer

Article mizani butter mixture sensitive scalp rhelaxer single application one is what I call the hair relaxer perfect non lye average for men. You could have a long name, but he gets the job done. If you already have used different ways of texturizers and had no success until now, so it is time to move on to no lye hair relaxers. Non lye relaxers tend to be a little stronger and more effective for men with extremely curly or curly hair and even hair that is shorter. Mizani is one of the most popular products not lye outside. He also has a fan base is very big. With relaxed hair, it is crucial to ensure that he does not dry your hair too much. Lucky for you mizani is known for being one of the few hair relaxers out there that doesn’t dry out your hair. Relaxing the hair also tend to burn a little, but mizani is also known for having one of the few products out there that doesn ‘t burn and helps to break the hair. In addition, if you are looking for a product that has been tried and trusted by a huge number of people try mizani, you probably will be satisfied. You may also want to check mizani shampoo and conditioner for pre and post treatment.

# 3 lye relaxer

Mizani Butter Blend Medium Normal Rhelaxer
Mizani Butter Blend Medium Normal Rhelaxer

Mizani butter mixture is produced using a mixture of moisturizing cocoa butter, shea butter and honey. Just as the product of readings, it is a product of mixing average, but remember that the relaxing of caustic soda are much stronger than other types of relaxing. If you use this product, your hair will be much better than if you use other products as non lye relaxers or texturizers, most of whom do not straighten the hair completely. The mixture mizani butter can be a little difficult and even dangerous if applied incorrectly, then I recommend that you have a professional to do the application for you. Just in case, if you want to keep your hair looking like your look natural does not use this product or any other relaxing of caustic soda. In addition, if you have already tried everything else (texturizers and non lye relaxers) and nothing worked for you, I recommend try relaxing of caustic soda to mizani. It is among the most popular relaxing of caustic soda and there ‘s a very loyal fan base of repeat customers. I also recommend that you check and use the pre and post conditioning shampoo and hair care are recommended if you use the relaxing.

Be careful! I recommend that the relaxing of caustic soda to be used by professionals, since they can cause much harm if applied incorrectly.

Now that you have seen my favorite relaxing for men, remember, I recommend that you talk with a professional before using any one of them. I also recommend that you be aware of the chemicals in the relaxing can be harmful. If you have used or are using products such as hair colour, the mixture of chemicals with his hair relaxer can be even more dangerous. If your hair is long, remember that you can always use an iron line. In addition, if you have never used a relaxing before, I recommend that you try a texture artist or other by styling products before resorting to anything else.