Texturizer on Natural Hair

A texture artist is safer than a relaxing? It is textured natural hair yet? Find the answers to these questions and many more, including the pros and cons of texturizers for natural hair, as well as the way to take care of the hair texture.

All hair types have their advantages and disadvantages. Hair straight, however, seems to be seen as more glamorous, all of the products made to turn straight hair naturally curly hair.

For afro hair type, this transformation is achieved only permanently chemical products formulated specifically for the effect called relaxing. The process of chemically brushing hair naturally curly or kinky, coily is called relaxing.

Texture artist falls somewhere in between products, that kind of support types of curly hair and those who try to break the pattern of natural wave.

In essence, texturizers are relaxing that are designed to be left for a short period of time. The purpose for this is because texturizers aim to give you a wave pattern more smooth, more loose, not completely straighten my hair.

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Some truths about the use texture artist in natural hair.

There are more things you should know before processing the hair with a texture artist

Texturizers are not natural

Even if they say so on the box and no matter how many ingredients they are added, that hair texturing product is based on the sodium or calcium hydroxide, which you should know are the main ingredients in caustic soda and relaxing without caustic soda, respectively. Do not be fooled into thinking that you are buying a texture artist ‘- chemical. Texturizers are like chemistry as its relaxing regularly. We can confidently say that there is nothing like a natural texture artist.

They are not necessarily smoother than relaxing

Just because texturizers leave some curls in her hair does not mean that they are gentler than relaxing. What the box says can also be misleading if you trust him to compare a relaxing vs texture artist.

The difference between the amount of time you leave the product on your hair to sue him. With a texture artist you must achieve desired results in less time, the majority of products say ten minutes or less.

A relaxing will need to be left in time. If you ignore the rules in a texture artist, and leave it for a long period of time, you will end up with all the hair processed, damaged will be more direct than curly hair. See, this is basically the same with a relaxing.

Another difference between relaxing and texturizers is the result. In the first case, you should end up with the hair completely flat, while the latter leaves with curly hair.

Textured hair is not natural

It may seem natural, feel natural, with the texture and everything, you can fool some people believing he was born with a head full of curls, but the point is, the hair is more natural in the minute you apply a texture artist. People looking to make your curly hair curly sometimes choose to texturize or texlax because they want to keep the look natural.

Although the transformation may not be as dramatic as when using a relaxing, the treatment is permanent and there I no way the hair texture will revert to its natural state. It is without cutting or let it grow out.

The pros and cons of use texture artist to black hair

The reasons you may love your natural hair by choosing texturize and some that you can ‘t.

Texturizers hair reasons are large

  • It could loosen its wave pattern, making hair more manageable. Especially this will assess whether you have really curly hair.
  • You will have some texture of his hair, as well as the volume if you choose a texture artist wave on a relaxing.
  • You can stylize the hair that has been textured in a variety of looks. You can still incorporate the hairstyles you used for your natural hair. They may even be easier to style the hair is more manageable.
  • You can do a wash and go to the hair texture. For men and women with thin and wavy hair types, it may not seem like it, but those who are blessed with tighter curls and hair types 4C, being able to make a wash and go is an exciting possibility.
  • It is likely that get less shrinkage if you have hair to shrink very textured African on contact with water.
  • You do not need to touch up or update as frequently as a relaxing, once the new growth curly easily mix with the parts treated with texture artist.

The reasons of texturing may not be a good idea

  • It is chemistry, so if you are a fan of natural, or a purist of the product, it is not for you.
  • The results of natural hair texturing are permanent. You can ‘t go back to the natural hair pre textured unless you grow up or cut.
  • Use texturizers for natural hair can go wrong, and you end up with hair uneven with some parts more straight or more loose than others.
  • This weakens the hair like all chemical treatments are used to do. If used incorrectly or you have very fine hair, or you can leave it with damages and losses.
  • It works best in short hair, long hair. You are more likely to get a head uniform bunches if you have short hair, long hair does not come out so well with a moisturizer.
  • Escape during the touch ups can finish already processed hair straighten him even more and leaving you with a few tips in a straight line. Since the ends are straight were not what you would with a texture artist, this is a terrible blow.

How to take care of your curls textured

Because it is a chemical treatment and breaks a little bit of protein in your hair, you will need to do regular treatments a normal thing. This is to keep the yarn strong.

You should also ensure that during go UPS, no product of texturing goes to the already textured. Not only can you lose your curls, but you may end up with damaged about capillaries processed also.

A texture artist will only work in bunches, which you already have, then you can obtain only desired results with that if you have natural hair with curls still intact. Chemically relaxed hair or with permanent will not stall just because you applied a Texturising product. Even the best texture artist hair doesn ‘t give you bunches if you have curly hair straight or in line, of course.

The result will be as good as the hair type you have as a texture artist only loose them. You don ‘t give clusters of new. If your curls are, of course, corkscrew, that will only make them larger, but the way it is. Well, don ‘t feel disappointed if s curls or waves do not like the models in the box. You may be dealing with a different type of hair.

The results that you get after the use of a texture artist to strongly depend on the pattern of hair waving of natural hair.

Ensure that you get a product of ripples which helps the hair to retain moisture.

It will also help to ensure that you use a Texturising product correctly. If you are not sure, track a designer with experience in hair texturing. He or she can even advice you on the best texturizers in the market. You can also see if they can recommend a good texture artist specifically suitable for your hair type.

It should not be difficult to find products for the hair of texturing, as the market of black hair is very vibrant. If something you will be spoiled for choice, with some manufacturers of cosmetics with entire rows to hair texture. Others choose niches, making hair texture artist for children only for fine hair, etc.